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"a lifetime of smiles, one chihuahua at a time" 

The following puppies have already left for their forever home...

These little guys have all left for their forever homes.....

"Candy", now called Prada has left for her forever home with Trish Burdett and family.  She is living with two other Chi's and loving every moment! 

Now being called Gigolo Jr., this little man has left for his new home with Amysue, her family , and Oreo who we placed with the family some time ago. 

Jasper Born to True and Tostito June 13, 2015

"Keira", now called Ginger Born June 13, 2015 to True and Tostito

"Jasper" whose name will remain Jasper, and "Keira" (BOTH PICTURED ABOVE) whose name is now Ginger will stay together forever in Connecticut with Jen Daniele and her family.  Thanks for making a home for our little luv bugs.

Gigolo jr. born to Willow and and Gigolo

This little guys new Mama was so smitten with Gigolo, that she named her new puppy after him and now lives with Amysue Shappell and her family along with Oreo who is also from us.  

Her Royal Highness Abbey Road- "Abbey"

This little girl belongs to Chloe and  Django, and is littermate to my little Romeo (Romey).  She lives with Jaki Albrecht and her family in New Jersey.

Romeo (Romey) born to Chloe and Django on June 23, 2015

Romeo is Abbey's brother and litter mate and he will be staying here with us for a while.  he may be joining our breeding program...visit our Facebook page for more Romeo.

These Puppies belong to True and Tostito.  Born November 18, 2014

These Puppies are CKC (Continental Kennel Club) 

$750.00 to $800.00

"Elle" now called Oreo lives with Amysue Shappell and her family in Pennsylvania.  Congratulations Savannah! 

"Elle"- Oreo

"Elle"- Oreo

"Frankie" now called King lives with Paige Krepps and her family.  Congrats on your new baby! 

"Frankie"-  King

"Frankie"- King

"Grace" Will keep her name and continue being called Grace. Her owner thinks it "suits her". She lives with Geri Bretthorst and her Chi family.  Congrats on you new puppy!

"Grace"- Grace

These puppies belong to Gia and Tostito.  Born on May 12, 2014

These puppies are CKC  $750.00 - $800.00 

continental kennel club

Puppy A- "Chica", is now being called Honey.  Honey has left with her new Mama C.P. and her Chihuahua sister, Allie (who also came from us) for her new home in Brooklyn, NY.
Mom & Dad- CKC

^^^^^^^^^^HONEY ^^^^^^^^^^

Puppy B- "Phoenix", who's name will remain phoenix has found a home with Maria and her family in Otisville, NY.


Puppy C- "Cinnamon", 

Cinnamon, who's name will remain Cinnamon (Cini-mini) has found a home in Rockaway Beach, NY with Mia, Andrew and their family.

 Mom & Dad- CKC

 (deceptive pics..she is teeny tiny)

These puppies belong to True and Bruno.  Born on Tuesday April 29, 2014

These puppies are CKC-  $600.00 - $800.00

(continental kennel club)

 Blue Bloodline

Puppy A- "Aiden" Now called Melo

                                             CONGRATULATIONS on your new puppy Alaina Walker!   Melo is enjoying his new life with Alaina and is happy to follow her everywhere.  We are glad that you are happy at your new home .  We miss you Melo and enjoy life by the pool! 

Puppy B- "Miko", now known as Pavlov or Pavi

Pavi, is adjusting very nicely to his new home.  Thanks again to Aidan for choosing our boy to become your new service animal.  We are very proud!   UPDATE: *Pavi has become a service Animal and has learned to do amazing things*

Puppy C- Now called Bam Bam, has a new home with Lynn Page..congratulations and we will see you soon! <3 

BamBam has left for his new home in New Hampshire with Lynn and her family.  Congratulations to Lynn P. on your new little boy!

Puppy D- "Diesel", now being called Bailey

I am loving my new life in New England..especially spending time with my Grandpa Mike.  I was a surprise for my Daddy...he is Veteran and while he was away serving his country, his companion dog passed away.  I could never replace his other doggie, but I hope to brighten his days again.  Thank you for your service!


**we use "names" in addition to our lettered birth order system to help identify each individual puppy.  You may name your new puppy whatever you choose!**

Please Note:

**No puppy will leave Say Chi's Breeders before he is completely ready.  We never place any puppies before the age of 8 weeks and in certain situations we may need to keep a puppy here with us for longer than 8 weeks.  The health and safety of our Chi's is our top priority**