Say Chis Breeders

"a lifetime of smiles, one chihuahua at a time" 

********************* NOT FOR SALE********************

Our Beauties

BLA's-truly blue moon "True"

Our True is a pointed blue and tan beauty with a short double coat (smooth with an undercoat) and the desired "brush" tail.  She weighs about 7 pounds and has a super sweet and loyal disposition. True has been here with me since she was able to come home at 8 weeks old.  She is a lovely dog and has produced some wonderful pups for us. 

SB's-red fox Giselle "Gia"

Little Gia is a red sable Spotted On White, with a long coat and wonderful tail plumage.  When she prances around it waves like a flag.  We have had Gia since she was 5 months old, she weighs in just under 5 lbs and is quite a character.  She has had some amazing litters and will be bred again soon. 

LB's-sweets for the sweet "Sugar"

Our Sugar is a gorgeous cream with white (Irish) markings and a long, beautiful, soft coat.  She has always been laid back and eager to please. She weighs just under 5 pounds. Sugar welcomed her first little boy, Canaan some time ago.  He's grown into a handsome little devil.  Sugar has mated and puppies would arrive in July. 

Thank you for all of your inquiries but sugar IS NOT FOR SALE.

SCB's-darkest before dawn "Ebony"

Bred here at Say Chis Breeders (SCB), Ebony was a favorite from the start.  This little lady was spoken for two times and both times circumstances made placing her in those homes impossible.  When the second home fell through, I did some serious thinking and decided that maybe Ebony was meant to stay here for a while longer.  Ebony has produced dilute color pups: chocolate tri, blue tri, and a lovely llilac.  Marco is Ebony's son with Django.

BA's-big girls don't cry "Willow"

Willow is a sabled fawn spotted on white with and the softest long coat.  She was an unexpected addition to the program but once we saw her, we just had to have her.  Willow has produced some pretty pups in the past and may again in the future. 


Thunderpaws'-dark side of the moon "Luna" 

They call me Luna and I made my way from Georgia to join the pack here at Say Chi's Breeders.  I was nervous at first, but then I met Sundae and snuggled with her for two days straight!  I am comfy cozy in my new home now and Sundae is still everything to me but I love the other members of my family too.  My days here at SCB are filled with fun, and I am turning out to be quite the young lady..my Mommy says so anyway.  I have welcomed a few litters with Gigolo. more pups soon.

BA's- Lucky Beauty Water Lilly "Monet"

My name is Monet.  I was named after a famous painting by the Artist Claude Monet.  My Mommy thinks I am a beauty and I hope you agree.  I have been here with SCB since I was 8 weeks old and I am really close with Ebony and Luna.  I am about 4.5 lbs. with a slight solid build.  I am a great Mama so look for my babies again in the near future.

JPP's-drop of golden sun "Cali" 
Calyx is my name but everybody calls me "Cali".  As my name suggests, I am notorious for making people smile with my sweet face and charming personality.  I am loving my new family and a proud member of the pack here at Say Chi's.  Watch for more my puppies later this year/early next.  

***These dogs are NOT for sale***