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Breeding Sires - Male Chihuahua Dads...


Believe It Or Not


Chocolate fawn spotted on white male with a smooth coat, beautiful apple domed head, striking eyes, and a short muzzle...


Brains And Brawn


Our well built black sabled fawn foundation male with a smooth coat, apple head, and shapely shorter length muzzle.  Bruno has sired many litters here at SCB and we are looking forward to the next - due shortly if all goes well...


Sir Charleston Chew


Chocolate Merle male with long coat, an apple domed head, and a shorter length muzzle. We have kept Charlie's little boy here as a future stud.  His name is Dobby.  Dobby is a blue tweed merle SOW (spotted on white) and he will be added to this site shortly...

Royal Marquis'-

Welcome To The Jungle Book


Black and tan male with a thick long coat, round Chi eyes, short muzzle and a great mane.  His little boy, named Shorty has remained here with us as a prospective stud.  He will be added to this site shortly...

***These dogs are not for sale***


Our Tiny Two Timer- Gigolo

The hardest part of loving animals is losing them. You are sorely missed Piggy Giggy! I loved you from the first moment I saw you and I just had to have you. You were my tiny warrior and a most important foundation male. Everybody loved you and people still request your pups. I brought your Grandson Junie here to carry your torch. He is from your girl Pixie out of Luna (your favorite and most preferred mate) and he reminds me so much of you. Even still, no dog compares to you and the joy you brought me. You're forever in my heart and may a part of you be forever in our program... 

 Kisses sweet my Giggy boy!

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