Say Chis Breeders

"a lifetime of smiles, one chihuahua at a time" 

*********************NOT FOR SALE*********************

Our Handsome Beaus 

LB's-brains and brawn "Bruno"

Our Bruno is a pointed red fawn with black mask, sabling and a nice smooth coat.  He is 5 pounds of Chihuahua perfection and he takes his job very seriously, the "brains and brawn" of this operation.  He sired True's litter of four boys.  Check back soon for more babies from this little hunk.

Proven Stud 

LB's-chip off the old block "Tostito"

Tostito, also called Tito, is a gorgeous boy at about 5 1/2 pounds with red dilute coloring (apricot), white  markings and a smooth coat. Tostito has sired a few litters here at SCB.  He is a very proud Papa.

Proven Stud

BLA's-tiny two timer "Gigolo"

Our little Giggy is a stud muffin in the making! Although he weighs a mere 3 1/2 pounds, he is a toughy.  No longer the youngest, but still my baby.  He is black and tan spotted on white.  He is waiting for a "seasoned" female since he is too much of a gentleman to be pushy with the female first timers.  Giggy has finally had his turn and sired some puppies. Everyone loved Giggy from the start but, HE IS NOT FOR SALE!

Proven stud                                                    

Glory's-fastest gun in the southwest "Django"

My name is Django and I have been nothing but a joy since my long trip here from Texas.  I love New York!  Driving in the car is favoritthing, especially if we go to Petsmart where I am greeted like a celebrity.  If you do not belong to the pack here at SCB, you are missing out on the life. Romeo and Marco are my sons.  I'm very proud!

Proven stud

SCB's-a curse on both houses "Romeo"

My name is Romeo and they call me "a curse on both houses" because I was born at a time when no one was expecting me, and I threw off their game plan.  They just had to keep me around for a little while, and I am so glad they did.  I am spoiled rotten here and I love playing with my little bro Marco.  I recently had two little girls with Ebony..Patience and Roswell. 

proven stud

***These dogs are NOT for sale***