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Available Chihuahua and

French Bulldog Pups...

*Chi Puppies Available NOW*

*ESH kittens Available NOW*

*French Bulldog Pups NOW*

***Please read the pertinent information below,

then scroll down for information and photos of the



SPAY/ NEUTER clause in their CONTRACT

*unless approved by the breeder in advance, and any kennel club paperwork agreed upon will be forwarded at proof of spay/neuter to help ensure the contract is followed and to help avoid dishonest breeding/ studding. Unfortunately this has become necessary and there can be no exceptions*

Please click on link below to complete the Adoption Application for the puppy of your choice. Please click on link below to make deposit to hold puppy.

*Our Chi pet pricing start upwards of $1250.00 in an attempt to welcome families of all financial abilities. While at this point most of our Chi pet prices start between $1,500.00 and $2,000.00, many are higher. Especially those from imported and merle lines and those with better conformation. However, we do occasionally have pups priced on the lower end of our range that would make just as good a pet or companion. Price alone is not indicative of quality. Many factors are considered in our prices.

*The price may decrease if we identify anything that is undesirable as the pup matures and grows but once a "hard" deposit is placed on a specific pup (not a PIL) the price will not increase unexpectedly.

*Our Frenchie pet pricing starts at about $2,500.00. Most of our pups are priced between $3,000.00 and $4,000.00 on average, and some are priced higher for special little ones. Frenchies are pricey as they are difficult to reproduce and doing so is a huge investment. *feel free to inquire more about the reasoning behind their high but fair price, and the breeding/ reproductive process.) Especially those with colored coats such as blue and lilac as well as exemplary conformed pups and those with smaller in stature. *This occurs naturally, there is only one standard for BOTH Chihuahuas and FRENCH BULLDOGS!

**Please feel free to ask us more about the expense of Frenchies, their pricing, and the breeding/ reproductive process.

*Most all of our kitten pet prices for Exotics start upwards of $1,500.00, with most being priced higher as some are from Champion and Grand Champion show lines of great quality and standard. Our average price starts around $2,000.00 and prices go up from there. Especially those that are well conformed to the on CFA standard and those with blue or "odd eyes". Himalayans and Persians do tend to start toward the upper end of our Exotic price range.

We offer and will happily design a payment plan for those who may want or need to pay the cost of their new puppy or kitten over time. Final payment is due at or about 8 weeks of age, unless otherwise arranged in advance. We are happy to work with you in any way that we can, so please don't hesitate to ask for what you want and need without fear of judgement or instant disapproval for adoption from Say Chis!

*Pricing varies based on many factors and does not in itself indicate quality or lack thereof. Please be aware that the above prices are our where our prices begin and that the pup or kitten you desire may be priced on the higher end of the range. At times you may even find a pup riced lower than our average proce range. Even if you desire a pet only, please note that the prices reflect overall quality based on many factors as stated above, not solely the new owners intentions. Most of our babies are placed as pets only with a spay or neuter contract. Full show and or breeding rights, if applied for and approved, will be more expensive and must be expressed in advance at selection of your new baby. Not all are suitable for breeding or show, but most all will make amazing companions as pets.

*All pups and kittens are pet quality with no breeding or show guarantees, even when full registration is granted.

We do NOT give size guarantees but do our best to give you an honest estimate. Please remember that smaller is not better.

******PLEASE NOTE******

No pup or kitten may leave Say Chis Breeders until 100% ready as determined by the breeder, regardless of age, size, tentative plans, or adoptive family's desire. While we love to keep everyone happy and hate to disappoint, the babies must come first! There are situations and circumstances that may arise, making a longer stay necessary. We do our best to anticipate these situations, but sometimes things are just out of our control. We want you to have your baby ASAP, so please trust and accept our judgement if a longer stay becomes necessary for your baby.  

We will continue to do whatever we can to get your baby home to as soon as he or she may be ready within the estimated 10 to 12 weeks, and in the event that a longer stay is deemed necessary, we thank you in advance for loving your new baby enough to continue to trust us to do what we have done from the first day of your new pups life...what we think is best!

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule as it is in the best interest of the puppies and kittens and ideally, a well adjusted baby makes the best transition into their new home which helps to ensure a smooth start for all.



looking for forever homes...


tri colored male Chihuahua with a black and tan long coat with white markings. This puppy belongs to Ivory and Denali. He was born July , 2021. Pics will be updated/ added as he grows, so please check back often to follow this pup...

*Ready Soon- accepting applications now

**we use "names" in addition to our lettered birth order system to help identify each individual puppy. You may name your new puppy whatever you choose!**

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