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What We Do...

We are focused on providing quality services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations. With our genuine love for the breeds we offer and our desire to keep the health and happiness of our puppies and kittens our first priority, we believe you'll be happy working with us.

We are dedicated to providing the best Chihuahuas, Frenchie Bulldogs, Persian, and Exotic cats. Therefore, we are focused on the best quality we can find and attain domestically and internationally. In an effort to bring you the best, we plan to begin testing our breeding stock later this year into next. Many of those breeding for us come from tested parents, but we'd like to take it a step further and test not only for disease and hereditary conditions, but also for color and pattern genetics information as well.

The cats in our Exotic and Persian cattery, like many of our dogs, have been hand selected from great lines. Some from Champion and Grand Champion lines, whose parents have been health tested and screened for optimal health. We will have a variety of colors and patterns as well as blue and odd eye (two different color eyes) to offer you! Our white ESH male Bentley is closely related to the #1 cat in the CFA for 2018-2019. We are excited to be able to offer you quality of this degree and we can hardly wait to see the beautiful babies produced by our beautiful line up.

We have taken care to add one breed at a time in an attempt to aim our focus on getting to know each breed individually before moving on to the others. It was all about Chis only for the first several years, then French Bulldogs, then the Persian and Exotics came along. We always planned for the breeds we now have to offer all of you, which is partly why we are Say Chis Breeders, and not solely Say Chis Chihuahuas.

We love all of our fur "babies" and the labor of love that comes along with them. They are our family first, reproduction is secondary to their individual needs. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship, as our love and concern for our puppies and kittens doesn't end when they leave us for what we hope and expect will be their forever home.

Here at Say Chis Breeders, breeding is not something we take lightly and it is a family effort. The bulk of each day is centered around our animals needs. Time off and vacations are very far and few between because it seems we are always planning, raising, expecting or welcoming a litter.

We are very hands on because we feel responsible for anything that happens, even when it isn't necessarily our fault. This includes but isn't limited to keeping track of each dog for weeks at a time when girls are in season to be sure no "accidents" happen and everyone mates at the target time with the designated mate for that particular litter.

we owned dogs for years before we decided that this was something we'd like to be a part of. A lot of time and research went into planning and beginning our programs. We are still learning new things since EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER.

If you are visiting our site in search of information about starting your own program, I strongly suggest you find yourself a knowledgeable and trustworthy mentor, be it us or someone else. Mentors can be an amazing resource and a huge support in the stressful times that are sure to come.

Our program is small and we have become even more selective than we were at the start. As we grow this labor of love, it remains a family effort. Our children are involved in many of the day to day activities necessary to give our dogs the quality of life they need and deserve.

We believe that a good pup starts with an even temperament and that this is far more superior to his good looks. We strive for variety in coat length and colors in our Chihuahuas; including but not limited to lilac and blue, for patterns such as tan points, spotting, and sabling.

In our French Bulldogs we are all about quality, temperament, and optimal health of this brachycephalic breed. We celebrate the classic fawn, black, and brindles, but are introducing quality color and patterns such blue and lilac as well as tan points and merling.

In both breeds, access to a diverse genetic pool is important to help ensure fresh healthy bloodlines as well as specific attributes. For this reason, we have recently added several European additions to our program, which we believe will only add to what we have already worked so hard to accomplish.

Although we talk a lot about purebreeds, AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Continental Kennel Club), as well as the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) we are NOT pure breed snobs by any means!

We owned a large mixed breed dog, who passed away recently at the age of 16, and a DSH cat that passed away just days later at the age of 17. Both were rescues that we raised with our children, and both are terribly missed.

We believe that any cat or dog can make a great companion. When we mention pure breeds here, it is solely to focus on the breeds we offer and are discussing.

We are proud of our animals, who we generally refer to as our 'babies", regardless of bloodlines, Championships, country of origin, kennel club affiliation etc. and we hope that you will be too.

When we acquire a dog or cat, our intention is to provide a loving and safe home where they are pampered and spoiled long before ever producing a litter.

In most breeding programs that will exceed one generation, it becomes necessary to retire some dogs/ cats to forever pet homes when their breeding careers come to an end. This is not because we don't care, it is actually because we do.

We want to be sure every doggy/ kitty gets what they need and deserve before, during, and after their breeding careers. Whenever rehoming becomes necessary, our top priority is to find a loving, safe and suitable home for the respective cat or dog.

We have had great success with placing our retired adults and have brought lots of joy to those who prefer older babies as well as those who may not be able to afford to obtain a purebred puppy or kitten but would like the love of a specific breed that we offer.

Again, our dogs and cats come first! Please continue on to learn more about Say Chis Breeders, our dog program, our cattery, and our growing family of dogs and cats...

Why Us?

We believe our responsible breeding program produces beautiful quality Chis and French Bulldogs, and soon exotic cats, who will arrive at your home well

socialized- wormed- with first vaccination(s)- a loaded goodie bag- toy- blanket and pad/ litter box training will have begun. As a part of socialization your pup will be introduced to large dogs, cats, and small children whenever possible. Our dogs are a part of our family first & foremost and are sure to be a treasured part of yours. No puppy or kitten will leave SCB before the age of 8 weeks. In fact, we prefer to keep our Chihuahua pups and our kittens until about 10 to 12 weeks of age. Most Frenchies are ready at about 9 weeks of age or so.

While all Chihuahuas are amazing in our eyes, we strive for the breed standard set by the AKC with an even temperament. The AKC standard for Frenchies is also important to us and we want to concentrate on short backs, legs, large heads and short muzzles.

We are also introducing some color into our Frenchie program. You can expect to see blue, black, and lilac along with our classic fawns. You can also expect tan points, brindle, and merle patterns. Rest assured that every puppy and kitten is protected by a written contract and arrives vet checked and vaccinated to help ensure the health of your new puppy or kitten. They will also have been wormed a series of times upon arrival.

So whether you are looking for a male or a female.. long or short hair... classic fawn or a colored/ patterned baby... we are sure to have the perfect puppy for you... and now exotic kittens too!


Please visit our "Puppies Page" for available puppies. If you don't see what you'd like, please reach out to us personally. There are times when new babies don't make our page immediately...

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