Say Chis Breeders

"a lifetime of smiles, one chihuahua at a time" 

The Say Chis Difference- why us?

Sugar and Chloe as puppies

About Our Dogs:


Our Chis live in our home with us where they have plenty of room to explore and can be kept warm/cool and comfortable, not in a kennel type setting.  Chihuahuas are not outside dogs!  There are far too many predators and the Chi is too sensitive to extreme conditions for this to ever be a good idea. 

Some of our dogs are crated at night in an effort to keep them feeling safe and secure, while others prefer to sleep with the human of their choice.  Outside, we recently expanded their fenced in area, giving them even more room to run amok and just be Chis!  They can lounge in the shade or find a sunny spot to nap in as they so often do.  Fresh water is always accessible,  they even have their own pool to enjoy when they aren't sharing ours!

Our Vet is supportive and on board  to help ensure optimal condition, and the overall health of our dogs and pups. They are also kept up to date on all necessary and age appropriate shots/vaccinations.  We strongly believe in TITER TESTING as many antibodies remain from puppy shots and may not be necessary to give again.  PLEASE discuss this with your Vet before making any decisions on vaccinations for your puppy or dog.  We have been using the same Vet for almost 15 years now, and have a great relationship with the staff. We would be more than happy to make a recommendation for you!


We feed our dogs, and recommend any and all of the following foods:  

NUTRO ULTRA SMALL BREED Puppy/Adult formula ( Petsmart, PetCo, Chewy.com, and some grocery stores)

SIMPLY NOURISH SMALL BREED Puppy/Adult formula (PetsMart exclusive)

NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS SMALL BITES formula (PetsMar, PetCo, Chewy.com, and some grocery stores)

The above formulas are all high protein from real meat sources, corn-wheat-and soy free, smaller pieces so it's easier to chew and process, balanced with probiotics for digestion and immunity, chock full of healthy veggies and fruits, grains like flax seed, rice and oatmeal, and made in America.

Visit the DOG FOOD ADVISOR for more information including recall information.  *Please be advised that the puppy formula for Nutro Ultra received 4.5 stars, while the adult formula received 4.

**Although our breeding bitches did not cycle well when fed Taste of the Wild, we were happy with it's overall performance, and would recommend TOTW to anyone needing a high quality grain free dog food.  It just was not ideal for us.**  

Balanced nutrition is especially important for small breeds such as Chihuahuas because they eat such a small amount. The brands mentioned above are formulated to meet the Chi's daily requirements with just a small serving, helping to avoid obesity from fillers such as corn and tooth decay from larger amounts of added sugar.  

We do not care for canned dog food as a part of our dogs main diet.  This is a personal choice and we do offer a small amount of it on occasion as a treat mixed with a bit of water to make a gravy for the kibble/ for a recovering Dam or a reluctant pup.  More often than canned food, we give our little guys small amounts of lean meat or fish such as tuna or salmon.  We occasionally add small bits of cooked egg and veggies such as cooked  peas, carrots, squash, or broccoli to their food for variety also. Nothing but the best for our babies!

*Beet pulp is said to help maintain an even blood sugar and as it is not a main ingredient, we see no issue with this ingredient.  Even as a "filler", we feel that this ingredient may have more nutritional value than corn, for example.